Welcome to Amplates.com!

Guitar Amplifier Faceplates and more!

Why choose Amplates.com for your plates? Because we have been in business since 2006 and amplifier plates are all that we do. We have produced literally thousands of plates for amp builders and modders, and we know the details it takes to make your amp shine. We will guide you through the process to avoid common pitfalls and make your amp look completely pro. Amps are our passion, and it shows in our work. You can trust us to make your amp look fantastic.


Looking for a custom amplifier faceplate, nameplate, or grille cloth? Amplates.com is the most trusted source for amp builders! You built it, now finish it off right! Your amplifier deserves a beautiful faceplate!

You spend a lot of time building your amplifiers.

Don’t let a poorly designed, homemade faceplate detract from all your hard work or distract your customers and friends when you’re showing off your work of art!

Together we can design a professional grade faceplate for your amplifier that will make your friends jealous and your customers smile!

Email us at jvallina AT amplates.com for more info!

Custom printed grille cloth is where it’s at!

Want to put Ol’ Glory on the front of your speaker cabinet? What about some heavy metal skulls or even a photo of your daughter?

We offer completely custom made vinyl perf grille cloth that’s cut to fit your cab and attaches with the standard staples for new builds or velcro for existing cabs.

Email us at jvallina AT amplates.com for more info!

Your custom logo makes it YOUR amp!

There’s a reason that you see Jim Marshall’s last name plastered all over the backline of pretty much every group on the planet: name recognition.

Now your amps can have the same type of name recognition…. Give your amp the finishing touch it deserves to stand out from the crowd with a custom made logo plate!

Email us at jvallina AT amplates.com for more info!

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