Your amp’s logo: make it yours!

black-white-plastic-gordonIn the time I’ve been designing logos here at for homebrew amp builders (10 years! Holy moley time goes fast!), I’ve noticed trends come and go in the types of looks my customers want for their amp logo.

Perennial favorites are of course the Fender and Marshall script knockoff looks, as well as the HiWatt and Orange homages. While I fully support any look or design a customer chooses to put on the front of his or her grille, I usually try to steer them into a more original direction. Part of making your own amp (unless you’re doing a straight up clone) is to make it yours, and a big part of that is making your logo stand apart from the crowd.

The good news is that with free font sites littering the web, it’s easier than ever to pick a unique font as a starting point and let me tweak that base into something completely yours. is a favorite site of mine, because my customers can literally type in their brand name and see what it will look like in hundreds of free fonts; any of which we can use here at to create your nameplate logo.

Why use the same old Marshall font when you can jazz things up with Master of Break, for example? Or maybe forgo the Eurostile HiWatt look for a more stylized Recharge? Go crazy!

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