About Us/Contact Information
Amplates is a small, family-owned firm in the Washington, DC suburbs. The founder, Joe Vallina, began making amps several years ago, and has since combined his love for DIY amps with his graphic design background at Amplates.

We really love helping folks realize their dream amp designs, and hope that you will trust us with your design. We’re here to help!

Silver Spring, MD
240-863-2884 (NOTE: since we work bizarre hours, please use email below for fastest communication)
jvallina AT amplates DOT com

5 thoughts on “About Us/Contact

  1. Hi. I am looking for a Gibson Gold Varitone Dial Plate – numbered 1 through 6. These are quite hard to come by. I believe you have made these for others in the past from doing some research on various forums.

    Can you make me one? How much are they?

  2. Hello
    I have a rather different request, I need a factory faceplate reversed. Im taking the amp out of a combo unit and mounting it in a seperate head, but in order to do that, I have to flip the chassis over so the tubes and transformer are pointing up. They are facing downward now. In turn, that is going to make my current faceplate read upside down also. If I send you the plate, can you reverse it?

  3. I was wanting a quote on getting the “deathdealer” painting by Franzetta on an 8×12 bass cab would run me?

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