18 Watt.com
Board for aficionados of the Marshall 18 watt circuit. Lots of great info for builders of all levels.

Adam’s Amps
Great blog on all things amp related!

Adam’s Music Repair
They specialize in guitar repair and service for acoustic, electric, bass, and classical guitars, and can handle all guitar repairs big and small.

The Airtight Garage
One of our first clients. Robert’s amps are incredible.

Amplified Nation
Custom Amp and Speaker cabinets, Recovers and Restoration

Amazing ampbuilding site with lots of super helpful people that love to help each other build great amps!

DIY Tube Guitar Amp Page
Philip Ruetz’ site is chock a block full of great info. Comprehensive list of amp builders.

Eric Nyberg’s Amps
Eric’s amps are nothing short of inspirational, and he’s a very nice guy, to boot. Check out his articles on conjunctive filtering in a High Octane style amp.

Gries Amps
Some amazing circuit designs and top-notch craftsmanship on Dave Gries’ line of amps!

HipKitty Products
The Kitty Box Amplifier, The Caffeine Boost pedal, and some of the coolest guitar stuff on the web. Check these guys out!

Classic & Custom Turret boards.
Variac, Variable autotransformers
Circuit Specialists stocks variacs for all your tube gear restoration projects.

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