Classic plate design: Stromberg-Carlson AU-36


Modern amplifier faceplate designs can do well to hark back to the classics from the days of old. This Stromberg Carlson model AU-36 featured a sparse control panel that nevertheless featured some great, readable typography (dig the integrated type within the arrows around the bass and treble controls and how they label the decrease, rather than going up the dial).

Note the symmetry in the control layout of the two channels, with the power switch smack dab in the middle of the plate. Not sure how they avoided massive hum problems with that setup, but it does look plenty cool.

Plus these amps went not to 10, not to 11, but all the way up to 100!

To see more pics and buy this amp, check out the listing at here: Stromberg-Carlson AU-36. Note: pics by ValvePilot Electronics.